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  • VisionLib Release 2.1.0

    Release 2.1 introduces Texture Color Model Tracking, which enables to improve the Line Model with Edges extracted from Textures. Multi Model Tracking and ARFoundation Support got updates, too. The post VisionLib Release 2.1.0 appeared first on Visometry.

  • VisionLib Release 2.0.0

    VisionLib’s Developer Update is now available and truly a major update to the core API, targeting easier development. It comes with interface improvements, prepares for distribution with Unity’s built-in Package Manager, and brings a new versioning: Hello VisionLib 2.0.0. The post VisionLib Release 2.0.0 appeared first on Visometry.

  • VisionLib Release 20.10.1

    VisionLib 20.10.1 is now available. It brings ARFoundation support, updates to the VLTrackingConfiguration component, all new Plane Constrained Mode and support for industrial uEye cameras. The post VisionLib Release 20.10.1 appeared first on Visometry.

  • VisionLib Release 20.3.1

    VisionLib 20.3.1 is available now. It brings official HoloLens 2 and ARM support, bugfixes and improvements to AutoInit and Multi Object Tracking. The post VisionLib Release 20.3.1 appeared first on Visometry.

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