VisionLib at AWE 2019

3D Object Tracking with VisionLib

Explore true AR object tracking and how it leverages XR’s most essential business use cases, live at AWE EU 2019, MOC, Munich.

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Augmented Reality Tracking at Industrial Scale

Extending Augmented Reality Object Tracking

Driven by digitalization, Augmented Reality is finding its way into industrial applications beyond demos and proof-of-concepts like never before. Advanced computer vision, particularly 3D model tracking, is a key enabler of substantial business use-cases today.

VisionLib’s object tracking has become an essential cornerstone of AR-enhanced applications and platforms.

The tracking library is ideal for enterprise use-cases, such as maintenance/repair, training, and marketing.

“With our new features Auto-Init and Object State Detection, which eg. enable tracking-based comparisons for variance-analysis, we are about to add ›camera-powered intelligence‹ to AR for popular business use cases”, says Harald Wuest, founder and CEO.

Adding ›camera-powered intelligence‹ to AR

These features not only improve tracking– they extend it: imagine an AR-assisted maintenance, where the vision system checks during the procedure whether or not a hood is open, a screw installed, or a machine part assembled.

“Leveraging computer vision beyond being only the foundation for AR superimposition, is something we intensively work on. In future industrial AR, machine vision will assist users as well – adding value with computer vision, beyond the graphics”, says Wuest.

At AWE EU, we have offered a sneak peak of upcoming features. The team has showcased latest tracking technology and featured applications by customers and partners. A highlight was a maintenance and diagnosis system developed by Augmentiv for motorcycle manufacturer KTM, which is in worldwide productive operation for a year now.

Sneak Peak Upcoming Features

Advanced Vision Tracking turns AR ideas into use cases. Right on time for AWE we’re happy to give a sneak peak on upcoming VisionLib features, which will be soon available.

Pre-Release: Auto-Init for
Model Tracking

Auto-init powers up model tracking with AI: because it liberates from an initial pose to start tracking. Now, track objects from any side, instanlty + immediately.

Auto-Init is in beta-release. Join the club, request early access at:

Lab Preview:
State Detection

Auto-init powers up model tracking with AI: because it liberates from an initial pose to start tracking. Now, track objects from any side, instanlty + immediately.

State detection is early alpha and available in our Professional services and pilot project. Looking for a custom service? write at

The model tracking is easy to set up, without prior registering targets or surroundings: simply use 3D or CAD data to create trackers. Extend model tracking with feature tracking to enhance robustness.

Lab Preview:
Multi Model Tracking

Tracking is _the_ essential cornerstone of AR. Imagine, you could track not only one object at a time, but several ones seperately – at once. Meet true multi model tracking.

Coming to VisionLib next year, exclusively presented at AWE

VisionLib’s core API is light and slim to easily fit into your software infrastructure – the tracking can be deployed non-tethered as native component on your devices, or run as web service on your cloud.

»XR made with VisionLib« – featured Customer Cases

We’re honored to be able to show VisionLib in action, powering most essential AR cases of customers & partners,
turning use cases into business cases.

Maintenance & Diagnosis

This highlight has true impact: presenting the AR-enhanced KTM-Diagnosis Tool XC02 – it’s in daily use worldwide since 2018, at over 2500 KTM Dealerships and workshops.

From the resourceful people at Augmentiv, who combine technological & service expertise for XR solutions and authoring tools

Training & Communications

At something so essential like a coffee machine, this featured XR Service app  illustrates product engagement and trains usage in best ways possible with AR.

From creative people at NMY, an innovation studio based in Frankfurt and Montreal.

#AR – Ready for Business

VisionLib is ideal for enterprise use-cases, such as maintenance/repair, training, marketing & retail – and so many more. Watch out for upcoming events to meet the team and get first-hands impressions on VisionLib. Or try VisionLib.

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The VisionLib tracking with Enhanced Model Tracking is available as SDK.

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New to AR Tracking?

VisionLib's Model Tracking is Key Enabler for Enterprise AR ...

… and this for a reason: it enables object tracking at industrial scale: fast, accurate and reliable object Tracking for Augmented Reality business use cases.

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