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VisionLib is a multi-platform library for enterprise augmented reality applications. Our SDK comprises multiple computer vision tracking methods around our enhanced model tracking, which enables painless 3D object tracking for high class augmented reality applications.


Learn all about how VisionLib Tracking empowers
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With Model Tracking. #AR & #XR at industrial scale.

Enterprise Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality at Industrial Scale with Model-Tracking

VisionLib's Enhanced Model Tracking belongs to industry’s leading tracking technology for enterprise AR – enabling to detect and track physical 3D objects at industrial scale.

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Meet ARO – our new AR-enhanced inspection app for Quality Assurance

By putting CAD & Computer Vision together, ARO combines the strengths of real-time object localization, live comparison against CAD specification and augmented reality. The easy-to-use turnkey solution enables companies to perform inspections 6x times faster.

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VisionLib at a Glance

Enhanced Model Tracking
Take advantage of our model tracking, which enables highly accurate 3D object tracking in dynamic sceneries and illuminations.
Create AR tracking in seconds
The model tracker is easy to set up, without prior registering targets or surroundings: simply use your CAD data to create trackers as you need them. Extend the model tracker with markerless feature tracking to enhance robustness.
Open for integration
VisionLib’s core API is light and slim to easily fit into your software infrastructure – the tracking can be deployed as native component on your devices or run as web service on your cloud.
Multi-platform support
VisionLib is available as a plug-in for Unity3D and can be used with iOS, Android, Windows and Hololens.

AR tracking, fast & accurate with visionLib’s enhanced model tracking

VisionLib makes the tracking of 3D objects an easy task. Stop complaining about feature-maps that don't work well.

Based on an edge tracking, our enhanced model tracking enables you to use 3D models & CAD data to set up trackers, as they are perfect references for your physical 3D objects.

This tackles not only typical AR problems, like bad light conditions, dynamic scenes, or low-textured objects – it also makes the set up of tracking configurations much simpler, because no prior knowledge or pre-registration steps are needed.

No pre-registration, no preparation

Take your CAD-Data,
transform it as you like & use it for tracking. We support multiple file formats
Load into visionLib SDK
visionLib is available as a Unity or native plug-in & can be used as a web service as well
Run your tracking in seconds
Your 3D files are all you need to get started, visionLib covers the rest. You can configure the tracking pipeline at any time.

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VisionLibs tracking engine is now available within our SDK.

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Augmented Reality — ready for business

AR and the industry 4.0

Augmented Reality is one core enabling technology of Industry 4.0. With over 20 years of R&D and practice in the field of computer vision and augmented reality at Fraunhofer IGD, VisionLib benefits from this large experience and the lessons-learned – understanding industrial needs and related technologies alike.

See it in action, and visit us at the AWE in Santa Clara. We showcase the evolution of AR-assisted maintenance on tablets and Hololens, and demonstrate how Porsche and Bosch are going to transform an AR-evergreen into a game-changing business case.

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