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Release Notes & News

This patch improved error messages for parameter setting, and fixed some problems in the combination of OpenXR with ImageSequences.

Read about all updates in the Changelog.

This patch fixes a bug that prevented compilation on HoloLens.

Read about all updates in the Changelog.

The new 3.1 VisionLib release presents some significant features to further simplify the development of your AR applications. These includes Nested Tracking in Unity – which ensures the possibility to establish a parent-child relationship between two TrackingAnchor and Parameter adjustment for every TrackingAnchor in Unity.
The update is rounded off by several bug fixes and enhancements.

Read about all updates in the Release Notes.

This patch fixes bugs when working with VisionLib’s new TrackingMesh and TrackingAnchor, as introduced in 3.0. To ease migration from configuration files, you can now copy init poses from .vl-files and use in Unity.

Read about all updates in the Change Log.

Introducing A New Workflow in Unity: Integrating Model Tracking Has Never Been Easier.

The latest version 3.0 provides you with an even more powerful and user-friendly solution: you can now integrate object tracking into your own AR/XR platforms even faster and more efficiently.

Read the Press Release to learn about the great functions of the new Release.

With numerous functions, VisionLib 3.0 got even more user-friendly and easier to use: the entire tracking setup can now be set up directly in Unity, there is no need to manually edit config files anymore.

Read the Release Notes to learn about all updates.

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High Quality Tracking for AR Applications

When creating industrial augmented reality applications, it is very important where virtual content is displayed.

With VisionLib you can develop your AR applications and make sure, that information is always right where you need it: Next to the physical objects.

We achieve this with our first in class algorithms that track CAD models in the camera image.

One SDK – Many Faces

VisionLib.SDK can be used via several interfaces.

The easiest way is to plug it into Unity to anchor GameObjects to their real world counterpart.

You can also use the pure C API from your native computer vision application to track objects on industrial-grade cameras.

Supported Platforms

Native Unity
Android X
Windows X X
Hololens X
Magic Leap X
AR Foundation X



Robust & Accurate Tracking

Watch how complex objects can be tracked reliably using VisionLib model tracking.


Multi Model Model Tracking

VisionLib’s multi model tracking enables you to track objects separately at the same time. So, when you move these objects freely in different directions, VisionLib will track them, once detected.


Object-to-Object Measurement with Multi Model Tracking

Measuring distance between two objects with just a monocular camera: essential functionality in Augmented Reality Inspection. Realtime & CAD-based​.