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Thank you for your interest in the visionLib SDK. Currently, we provide a pre-release version of our tracking SDK. Before you can try it yourself, please provide some information about you and fill the application form below, in order to apply for the trial license. Once accepted, we will create an account, where you can download a trial version of the visionLib SDK and a license file.

About our deployment process & possible delays

VisionLib beta as SDK is running, but VisionLib as company not yet! While we are in the process of starting up business in the next couple of months, we are deploying under Fraunhofer’s umbrella. Because of this our current review process may take some days, due to formal issues and due to Germany’s Export Control.

We’re working on this and are sorry for any inconvenience caused by delivery delays. You will be notified via email, once the review process is done. Thank you for your patience.

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By submitting, you are going to apply for a trial access to the VisionLib SDK, which undertakes an approval process. Once approved, you will receive an email with credentials to login at our customer area where you can download SDK and license files.

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