Getting Started

Three Steps to Model Tracking

1. Register

Fill out the form to get acess to your protected web area.

2. Download

Download your trial license and the VisionLib SDK.

3. Print

Create your first tracking targets with paper and scissors.

Additional Resources

Tracking objects in AR with Model Tracking needs the physical object and a 3D model of it as tracking reference.

For testing and demo purposes, we’ve created do-it-yourself tracking targets which you can craft from paper.

These are used throughout all tutorials and in the VisionLib Demo app.

Get the test targets below. Click on an element and download the fold sheet (PDF) and the 3D file (OBJ) of the respective item.

Installation Guides

Check out the instructions below for your platform to get started!

Full Documentation

Background articles on tracking, tutorials, and the full API reference.

Demo App

Experience and try VisionLib’s object tracking, without writing a single line of code – with our demo app.