Threedy to Join Visometry at AWE 2021

Threedy, the company behind Visual Computing platform instant3Dhub, joins our expo at AWE’21.

Two German tech start-ups – one former origin at Fraunhofer: We’re excited to share that Threedy joins us at the AWE 2021 expo in Santa Clara next week, November 9-11. Being one of the first and largest shows, AWE is a must-attend event for augmented-, virtual- and mixed reality, immersive technologies and AI, featuring the majority of Fortune 1000s.

At Visometry, we have always aimed for making tracking technologies powerful for industrial AR applications, yet easy to use and easy to integrate for businesses. Today, we’re proud that VisionLib is the basis for a wide range of augmented reality applications that require high performance object recognition and precise tracking. Our SDKs and solutions have become essential cornerstones for the digitalization of industrial processes.

Unleash the power of CAD data in XR

With instant3Dhub, Threedy provides a platform for 3D data virtualization, automating and accelerating visualization and complex visual computing tasks for original CAD data. The Software as a Service platform integrates seamlessly into industrial PLM and Digital Twin infrastructures and provides a fluent user experience, regardless of the data size or the devices used – from AR glasses & tablets to smartphones.

At AWE, both companies present the integration of instant3Dhub and VisionLib, which makes a powerful line-up. Developers and businesses benefit from advanced rendering and streaming technologies to bring CAD data into augmented and mixed-reality services in an automated fashion, not bothering of file sizes or loading times anymore – typically, a major pain point when handling CAD data.

What’s more, with VisionLib integrated into instant3Dhub, customers can use their CAD data for visualization, collaborative sessions and tracking at the same time to engage the full power of digital twins and rich engineering data in AR and XR.

Enterprise-grade Tracking

Tracking, i.e. the exact determination of the position of objects in the camera image, is the decisive basis for AR applications. Only in this way can additional information be precisely superimposed onto reality-captured objects. This is essential, for example, when it comes to projecting welding spots onto a metal sheet.

Unlike other approaches on the market, model-based tracking delivers enterprise-grade object tracking and enables to work directly on the basis of original industrial CAD or 3D data. This allows to recognise and localise objects without scanning, teaching or any other kind of preparation in advance to their use in XR.

This is considered a must to run essential industrial AR cases. Because when AR systems are to provide present and helpful information, there is hardly any time during the processing of components or assemblies to prepare them for AR during production, for instance. Instead, tracking has to be accurate, precise, and needs to work effortlessly – one of the strengths of VisionLib.

In addition, a complex and interactive reduction of CAD data by IT experts, often resulting in the loss of valuable additional semantic information, is not necessary anymore, when VisionLib and instant3Dhub work hand in hand. The latter is one of the few technologies to make complex and large industrial 3D data available and easily build custom apps leveraging the full potential of existing 3D data.

Augmented reality in industry is no longer a thing of the future. From assembly and quality assurance to maintenance and repair, industrial AR applications offer enormous potential for process optimization. Siemens AG is already using the combined advantages of instant3Dhub and VisionLib in the area of drive technology.

Watch out at AWE and swing by our booth #719. Talk to our experts and learn how both technologies make it easy to integrate and scale XR experiences from pilot to solution, which businesses can rely on and use day after day.

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