VisionLib – Enterprise Augmented Reality Tracking for Industries

Extend the context: augment objects and blend, overlay or pin digital information onto reality.

VisionLib is a multi-platform augmented reality tracking SDK. With its enhanced model tracking, it enables painless 3D object tracking for high class augmented reality applications and the most essential AR cases.



Object Tracking for Enterprise Augmented Reality

Fast, Accurate, Reliable.

Enterprise-grade Object Tracking.

VisionLib’s Model Tracking is basis for a wide range of AR applications that require high performance object recognition and precise tracking – which is essential to the digitalization of industrial processes.

Find out why.

Meet Business Goals. Augmented.

Driving Digitalisation & Industry 4.0.

AR transforms how we work & learn, visualising things that would be impossible to see otherwise. It bridges gaps between digital & real to deliver critical information in the context of work.

robust & precise tracking in dynamic sceneries & varying light conditions 1st class Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Object Tracking

Auto-Detection. No pre-registration. No preparation.

Use CAD & 3D Data

Use CAD & 3D data as reference for object tracking. VisionLib support multiple file formats.

Load into VisionLib

VisionLib is available as a Unity or native plug-in, and can be integrated into single apps or full platforms.

Run Tracking in Seconds

CAD & 3D files are all you need to get started, VisionLib Computer Vision covers the rest, and gives in-depth configuration options.

VisionLib for Developers

Start with a free trial.
Get the SDK, examples, resources and a trial license for Unity or native coding. Start developing instantly.

For Custom Business Needs

Need customized packages or solutions based on your business needs? Learn how to successfully install AR to meet your requirements. Benefit from our expertise & first-class computer vision technology.

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