Unique Model Tracking with VisionLib

Unique 3D object tracking with VisionLib's enhanced model tracker

VisionLib enables 3D object tracking for first-class augmented reality apps on #computers, #smartphones, #tablets, and mixed-reality headsets like #HoloLens.

Add #magic to your AR app – register now at visionlib.com/register and get started in minutes!

Microsoft's HoloLens on a whole new level

HoloLens is one of the best mixed reality headsets available today. It enables to blend 3D content into our visible environment, making it appear to float in mid-air, just like holograms.

With VisionLib’s model tracking HoloLens gets even better: It brings 3D object detection & tracking to the headset, allowing developers to superimpose content and information precisely aligned and connected to things around.

A game-changer for HoloLens and Augmented Reality! Because augmentations aren’t just loose holograms anymore, but connected and #contentInContext.

Start making objects and people smarter with mixed reality on a whole new level.

What our clients say:

»Most AR marketing-, service- and training cases need more than planar and ad-hoc SLAM tracking technology. That is why leaders in AR industries should immediately have a look at VisionLib – because we need precise and robust 3D object tracking for those cases.«

Tracking is the enabler technology for AR, and VisionLib is the enabler for AR at professional scale

Take advantage of unique features: distinctive with 3D object tracking, re-useable unlike ad-hoc SLAM at runtime, tough when things get shaky, robust when light changes, unimpressed when objects move, and resilient when tracking gets lost – and always incredibly precise.