VisionLib for Unreal – First Public Preview Available

Premier #AR object tracking meets premier real-time #high-quality graphics Right on time to AWE, one of the largest & most important get-together for Augmented- and Mixed Reality, we are delighted to announce that VisionLib is now also available for Epics Unreal Engine. VisionLib Development is now available on both industry-leading 3D realtime platforms, Unity and […]

Threedy to Join Visometry at AWE 2021

Threedy, the company behind Visual Computing platform instant3Dhub, joins our expo at AWE’21. Two German tech start-ups – one former origin at Fraunhofer: We’re excited to share that Threedy joins us at the AWE 2021 expo in Santa Clara next week, November 9-11. Being one of the first and largest shows, AWE is a must-attend […]

Experienced Software Engineer – Web Full Stack (m/f/x)

Job Description As a professionally managed start-up and Fraunhofer spin-off, the team combines a spirit of innovation with many years of R&D experience and in-depth know-how. For our further growth we are looking for you as a passionate & experienced Software Engineer (Web Full Stack).  What you will do / Responsibilities Develop 3D/AR specific user interfaces and interaction designs Design, implement, test, deploy, […]

Hoops Visualize Integration with VisionLib

VisionLib’s object tracking now usable with the high-performance graphics engine for CAD & industrial 3D data. Be it for training, maintenance, marketing — no small proportion of industrial AR applications augment valuable information directly to entire products, assemblies or other parts. In short, objects that are interactively superimposed with data, information and rich graphics. Especially […]

How Twyn helps ensure quality faster while increasing sustainability in the process

Recap from our Expo at Impact Festival 2021 Mid-September 2021 we were at Impact Festival in Offenbach am Main, a high profiled get-together on sustainability and everything else related to transforming industries towards a greener economy. And, we had a blast. While developing Twyn, our software-platform for AR-enhanced quality inspections, we had not anticipated the […]

VisionLib Release 2.2.0

Updates from VisionLib – Release 2.2 Available There is a new VisionLib Version available. Release 2.2.0 is a maintenance release introducing improvements to the performance of internal image processing, several bug fixes & enhancements and updates to external dependencies to remove known vulnerabilities. As usual, VisionLib comes with enterprise-grade model tracking, multi object-tracking, ARFoundation integration, […]

VisionLib and Twyn at Augmented World Expo 2021

The slogan of AWE 2021 is “it’s time to go spatial”, and we’re ready. Located in California, USA the event focuses on augmented-, virtual- and mixed reality, immersive technologies and artificial intelligence, featuring the majority of Fortune 1000s. Learn from those solving major technical challenges, bringing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality into new sectors, considering […]

Twyn at VISION 2021

VISION – the World’s leading trade fair for machine vision in Stuttgart, Germany is marching closer, and we’re excited to be participating. The biennial festival stars key players of the industry as well as smaller but highly specialized companies from all over the world. Get an insight into the technology of tomorrow as they offer […]

Recap: XR Expo 2020 Online

At a glance: We’ve showcased details of Release 20.6.1, which brings more performance to VisionLib Model Tracking on HoloLens 1 + 2, and also AutoInit to liberate from Model Tracking’s Init Pose. We’ve highlighted advances of Model Tracking and why it leverages AR cases better than other core tracking techniques, especially in changing lighting conditions […]

Thrilling Throwback (#TBT) & Outlook: ISMAR

ISMAR is somehow part of our roots and definitely a great place to learn about future XR developments. To us, unforgotten are the tracking challenges, benchmark for top SDK vendors and a run for “Who’s Best in Class?”. It’s been as thrilling as it sounds. Read on.  Like many summits, this year’s ISMAR 2020 has […]