Folding Instructions to VisionLib do-it-yourself Tracking Targets

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Do-it-Yourself Targets for Testing

Model tracking uses 3D models of a physical object as tracking reference. In order to be able to test VisionLib tracking, we’ve created do-it-yourself tracking targets for testing purposes. Donwload, Print and start crafting. You can get them here:

Create with VisionLib

Track Own Objects

You’ve already explored VisionLib and want to start using it? Great! VisionLib is not designed for our test targets only. Instead, you can track your own objects. All about how to start development and use VisionLib in your own projects here:

Cut-out, Fold, Augment

Once you have downloaded one of our targets and have the sheet printed,
here are visual folding instructions.

VL Mini Car

VL Sports Car

VL Caravan


XR tracking without coding,
try the VisionLib Demo App

Test VisionLib object tracking at our do-it-yourself model tracking target.

Download the app now for iOS and Android.

Augmented Reality Tracking at Industrial Scale.

with VisionLib’s Enhanced Model Tracking

VisionLib is Augmented Reality Tracking at industrial scale. Try now and integrate into your own projects. Download the Trial SDK or contact us at