Folding Instructions to VisionLib do-it-yourself Tracking Targets

Cut-out, Fold, Augment

Once you have downloaded and printed a sheet of one of our do-it-yourself test targets,
here are visual folding instructions.

Get Do-it-Yourself Targets for Testing

This is a general exmaple on how to create and tinker our test targets our of paper or card board. Get a list of all targets here:

Track Own Objects – Integrate VisionLib

You’ve explored VisionLib and want to use it? Great! Learn here how to start development and use VisionLib in own projects:

VL Mini Car

VL Sports Car

VL Caravan


XR tracking without coding,
try the VisionLib Demo App

Test VisionLib object tracking at our do-it-yourself model tracking target.

Download the app now for iOS and Android.