Combining CAD & Computer Vision

Augmented Reality-enhanced Quality Control & Inspection

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Computer Vision

Re-thinking Quality Control

VisionLib is a computer vision framework for industrial use. Used as an SDK or full-fledged solution, it provides AR-based stationary and mobile inspection systems for quality control.

To do this, VisionLib combines CAD and 3D data with image processing. Decisive advantage over comparable and established systems: There is a live analysis against the CAD data, the original design data, in real time. It makes the quality check not only very accurate, but also fast.

This simplifies processes and the use of Advanced Vision, because time-consuming and tedious teaching processes are eliminated.

And, this makes test procedures more flexible: If construction components or product variants change, then another CAD database is simply accessed. Because teachings are no longer necessary, they do not have to be repeated.

VisionLib combines the strengths of real-time object localization, live comparison against CAD data and augmented reality –
enabling completely new procedures: b
esides existence checks, and position + orientation inspection, also virtual measurement, and variance analysis of desired/actual construction states. 

All in real time. With visualization on PC, smartphone or HoloLens.

Easier & more precisethanks to live comparison against CAD data
More flexiblebecause teaching processes become obsolete
Faster in usethanks to gained flexibility when, product configurations change
New business caseswith innovative augmented reality methods + visualizations

Augmented Reality-enhanced Quality Control


Camera-assisted real time measurements of physical objects based on their digital 3D data. Be it angles, points or lines – up to sub-millimeter accuracy.

Inline Variance Control

By combining CAD and computer vision, VisionLib enables multi-object tracking with mono- or multi-camera setups for variance analysis at automated Inline Production or Assembling.

Digital Twin &
Cyberphyiscal Equivalence

Mobile, handheld inspections with Augmented Reality: control and check desired and actual construction states for inconsistencies, missing or wrongly installed parts – already within the prototyping phase.

Augmented Reality Tracking in Enterprise AR

Technology, Examples & Applications

Augmented and Mixed Reality have arrived at the heart of industries and the potential is huge.

VisionLib Trackings SDKs and services are dedicated to enable essential industrial use cases.

Object Tracking on HoloLens

XR experiences while having your hands free for the task

Object Tracking on HoloLens enbales you to augment objects automatically, without the need of manual alignment of your content.

Ever seen objects tracked on Hololens through the glasses? Here you are: It enables to precisely localize and and present information at cm-precision.

Object-to-Object Measurement

Detecting & tracking multiple objects with high precision

Measuring distance between two objects with just a monocular camera is essential functionality in a broad variety of AR-enhanced inspection cases. Made with our Multi Object Tracking. Realtime & CAD-based.

Digital Twins + Connected Data

Using CAD data for Tracking and Visualisations

Bridging the gap between digital and virtual, fusing information spaces, and evaluation digital data layers spatially, augmenting these layers on our objects, machines in business.

More Inspiration

VisionLib in Tech & Application, and showcases on Youtube

From tech demos, over presenting essential use case, to showing what partners and customers create using VisionLib: AR has arrived at the heart of industries and the potential is incredible. See how it is used.

Coming Soon.

Starting this fall, we will begin to offer VisionLib modules as an integrated solution system. Benefit from Augmented Reality-based Quality Control & Inspection with VisionLib.

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