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Test VisionLib object tracking at our do-it-yourself model tracking target.

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Experience and try VisionLib’s ›Enhanced Model Tracking‹
without writing a single line of code – with our demo app.

Experience VisionLib’s ›enhanced model tracking‹ without being a developer, without writing a single line of code: VisionLib Companion app demos our tracking capabilities right away. It lets you explore our unparalleled augmented reality object tracking, which is industry’s most relevant AR tracking technique. Swipe through the demo app and dive into several augmented views presented at our do-it-yourself tracking object. 

To get started all you need is the DIY fold sheet of a paper-craft car. Print it and follow the instructions to create your physical 3D object from it. Download the PDF from within the app or get it here:

VisionLib is an Augmented Reality Tracking Library and an advanced computer-vision framework for AR applications with tracking at industrial scale. It combines CAD with image processing and masters major machine vision obstacles with a precision that enables “Augmented Reality classics”, but also object comparison, measurement, or state change recognition. That’s why we call it ›object tracking at industrial scale‹.

VisionLib’s object tracking enables a broad usage of AR for a variety of industries across the value chain: from prototyping & production, over maintenance & training up to automated inspection systems & quality control.

Do-it-Yourself Model Tracking Target

To get started, all you need is the DiY fold sheet of our paper-craft car. Print it and follow the instructions to create your physical 3D object from it. Download the PDF, get it here:

Then, install the VisionLib Demo app on your device. Open it, press ›Start augmented Reality‹ and aim the device camera at the DiY tracking target.

Craft & Augment Your 3D Tracking Object

Model Tracking is premier object tracking for Augmented Reality. It works with Computer Vision by matching a digital 3D model with its actual physical objects. Test it now with our VisionLib Demo app and create your do-it-yourself 3D object from the printed paper sheet.

Augmented Reality Tracking at Industrial Scale.

with VisionLib’s Enhanced Model Tracking

VisionLib is Augmented Reality Tracking at industrial scale. Try now and integrate into your own projects. Download the Trial SDK or contact us at hello@visionlib.com