Where can I download the (trial) license file?

You can find and download all your licenses from your download list in the Downloads section. Click on “personal” to open the download list or look for it at the end of the download list.

Can I extend the trial license?

The trial license is valid only within a limited time frame. Although we grant an extension from time to time, this is not an automated process. If you want to extend your trial license, please write us at request@visionlib.com. Once an extension has been granted, you can download the updated trial license under ‘personal’ from […]

How do I get rid of the watermark?

The watermark is only showing up when using the trial or developer license. To remove it, you need to purchase another license type. You can find an overview on options and limitations of all license types in the documentation at Licensing. If you want to buy a license right away, please contact us at sales@visionlib.com.