Hoops Visualize Integration with VisionLib

VisionLib’s object tracking now usable with the high-performance graphics engine for CAD & industrial 3D data.

Be it for training, maintenance, marketing — no small proportion of industrial AR applications augment valuable information directly to entire products, assemblies or other parts. In short, objects that are interactively superimposed with data, information and rich graphics.

Especially for above mentioned cases as well as for digital twin solutions, CAD is an essential data source. With this example integration of VisionLib and Hoops Visualize, we share how developers can now use one of the market’s most powerful graphics engine for developing high-performance industrial applications, based on their CAD data.

This opens more ways for VisionLib-based development of XR apps for demanding engineering purposes, and enables to use a 3D graphic SDK specifically designed for such cases.

We share a demo implementation in VisionLib’s download section.

Detection-wise, VisionLib‘s model tacking enables developers and businesses to precisely track and augment such objects. Model tracking, an image processing technique that uses 3D models to localize objects in the video stream, has become a de-facto standard for industrial purposes, as it outperforms other methods in terms of precision in augmentation and resilience in use.

Hoops Visualize enables to rapidly render graphics on different platforms, both mobile and desktop, and considers itself as a workhorse 3D rendering engine for powerful engineering apps. It aims to keep graphics technology best-in-class for those hundreds of applications that rely on it, to suit user’s demands for more power, performance and stability across platforms, devices and graphics cards.

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Model Tracking with VisionLib
Download demo implementation

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