New Release. New Versioning: VisionLib 2.0

Aiming at easier development, VisionLib 2.0 brings interface improvements, a deep cleanup & changes of core functions, and prepares VisionLib for installation with Unity’s UPM, the built-in Package Manager. 
VisionLib got also a fresh versioning: With UPM we begin semantic versioning, turning the release’s name into VisionLib 2.0.0.

Note: UPM affects how to add VisionLib into Unity projects. You need Unity 2019.x or higher. We recommend using 2019.4 LTS. 

At a Glance

  • VisionLib distribution for Unity as UPM package, introducing new packages, and a new structure
  • Installation has changed: Learn about the new structure and how to install the SDK at › package overview.
  • Major interface changes: Naming changes, Namespaces, Assembly Definitions & Tasks help improve the development workflow.
  • Heads-Up: when upgrade existing projects, please carefully read the migration guide.

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