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VisionLib 2.4.0

VisionLib 2.4.0 – Object Tracking. Real Smooth.

OpenXR Support

Particularly for HoloLens, but also in general: VisionLib 2.4.0 brings OpenXR support. So you can now use the cross-platform standard to develop VisionLib AR projects.

Improved SLAM-extended Model Tracking

The new release comes with strong improvements when combining Model Tracking and SLAM. While the first is the de-facto standard for detecting and localising objects, the latter tracks the environment and lets you quickly place superimpositions stable inside the world.  

The new release is all about better and more stable augmentation results at the verge of model tracking and SLAM combined. With overall better tracking results, faster re-initialization and more control over the states in between both tracking techniques. 

Improved URP Support

Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline has evolved into a powerful graphics solution that combines appeal with speed and performance. An ideal choice, because some AR projects simply need a stunning graphical experience.

With the new release, there are fewer boundaries to accomplish this. While an URP extension was available for some time, we’re excited that with this release, URP gets major and better support.  

What’s more?
  • The new Tracking Config Scene helps to test models inside Unity directly. It offers a debug-view, along with UI elements enabling direct manipulation of tracking parameters and to save changes at runtime. Works for standard, mobile and HoloLens development.

  • Updates to the Tracking Configuration Component expanded existing input options. Now, choose here to either use the tracking configuration; let users select from available input sources at runtime; or select the new option to use an image sequence as input source for tracking inside the editor.

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