How do I get or generate the hash code for my tracking reference model(s)?

Some VisionLib distribution licenses have a maximum number of 3D models you can use as tracking reference. If you want to obtain such a license, our team will likely ask you for the (3D) model hash codes. You can generate them by using the VisionLib License Tool. Run the (VisionLib) License Tool in a Console […]

How do I see what license I am using in my project?

You can read and print the license details by using the VisionLib License Tool: Run the (VisionLib) console License Tool Once you have downloaded the VisionLib SDK, unzip it and look for the Tools/ folder inside it. Then, open this folder inside a Terminal, Command Line or Command Prompt app on your desktop and run […]

How to I retrieve my hostID for my developer or distribution license?

Some VisionLib licenses are host-bound. In order to obtain and request such licenses, our team will likely ask you for your hostID. The hostID is not similar to a MAC address or whatsoever. You can read and plot the hostID in these ways: Retreive the hostID from a VisionLib Unity project VisionLib SDK 2.0.0 and […]

Does VisionLib run on HoloLens?

Yes, it does. You can use VisionLib’s enhanced Model Tracking on HoloLens 1 & 2 and benefit from its object localization properties. Find the SDK extension package and an examples package for HoloLens development within the “Extensions” folder of the VisionLib SDK download. To test Model Tracking on HoloLens, follow the VisionLib for HoloLens-Tutorial.

Is there a C-API?

Yes, there is a C-API and other native APIs as well. Look at these articles in the documentation for C-API and Objective-C use.

Where can I download the SDK?

You can find and download the SDK and all other files from the download list in the Downloads section. Click on “common” to open the download list and select the desired download items.